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MELANIE NEIL  Helensburgh's chocolate artisan


Melanie Neil established CocoaMo chocolates© in Helensburgh, Scotland, in 2014.  

During her first year, post chocolate Masterchef training, Melanie spent her time creating and refining her first collection, which was launched in the Winter of 2014.


It is key that the ingredients used in CocoaMo's collections are of good quality, and where possible, locally sourced.  Conscious efforts are made to use ingredients that are sourced from reputable suppliers, alongside globally sourced ingredients of the highest provenance with exceptional taste. Some ingredients found in CocoaMo's collections are grown in Melanie's organic kitchen garden, others include locally foraged items such as the wild pear, in the "wild pear & cognac" bon bon.


Time, care and passion goes into sourcing the beans that are used for CocoaMo's micro batch, stone ground chocolate.  This means regularly conversing with exporters of the cacao, sourcing information about the plantation, the provenance of the beans, and their constantly changing taste profiles.  The welfare of the farmers, and all involved in the process, is of the highest importance to Melanie, to ensure all are receiving Fair Trade prices.

For boutique hotel & Michelin restaurant commissions, & for all other CocoaMo collections, Melanie uses Felchlin of Switzerland, Grand Cru range.

Read their story here .


CocoaMo's collections are limited edition, and appear twice a year:   Spring  and Winter.

This ensures that Melanie is always pushing forward with new techniques and creative ideas, to provide the customer with a unique experience.


Out with the limited edition collections, there are a small number of items in the online boutique labelled "CocoaMo classic".  

These are items from past limited edition collections, and due to popular demand, are now available all year round as they have become firm customer favourites.


Melanie & CocoaMo chocolates© have been featured in written articles in The Telegraph, Scottish Field Magazine and Coast magazine.

In 2019, CocoaMo was featured in the book:

"Bean to bar Britain - a guide to Britains chocolate makers".  

Written by Andrew Baker, Weekend Edition Editor of The Telegraph, and judge at the Academy of Chocolate.

THE NAME - a note from Melanie Neil

"CocoaMo was named after my late Mother, Maureen or "Mo".  My Mother (closely followed by my GrandFather) was the first person to introduce me to not only good quality chocolate, but also, to the importance of quality ingredients in cooking.

Unfortunately, my Mother passed away in 2009, and therefor  did not have the opportunity to see the launch of this company that bears her name... I would hope she would be proud".

Melanie Neil


CocoaMo chocolates©2014



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