I am Melanie Neil, Founder & Chocolatier at CocoaMo.

In 2014, post chocolate Master Chef training, under 2011 UK World Chocolate Master, Ruth Hinks, I founded CocoaMo in Helensburgh, Loch Lomond.

My ethos for CocoaMo is to make chocolates to indulge in. Whether as a special gift to a loved one, or as gift to ones self.

My collections are always Limited Edition. This provides my customers with a unique experience with every purchase, and also ensures I am always pushing forward with creativity to combine new flavours and techniques.

The online store is open only twice a year: Either Easter or Summer and Winter.

The rest of the year, I am supplying 5 star boutique hotels, and Michelin restaurants with bespoke chocolate collections. All designed exclusively for their guests.

All of the chocolate I use is ethically sourced.  For the Summer and Winter collections, and for all commissioned hotel & restaurant work, I use Amedei of Tuscany.

A few of the ingredients I use come from my organic kitchen herb garden. Others are from established and where possible local producers, and the majority are organic.

A small bean-to-bar chocolate range can be found in the online store.  I am passionate about creating chocolate using the finest cacao beans. This means researching and talking to farmers, and exporters of cacao, learning about the providence and taste profiles of the beans and about the maintenance of the plantations, and care of the employees.

Recently I have been fortunate to be featured in the book:

"From bean to bar - A chocolate lovers guide to Britain".

Written by Andrew Baker, the weekend editions Editor of The Telegraph, and Judge at the Academy of chocolate awards. This book features the best of Britains artisanal chocolate makers (such Paul A Young, Willie's Cacao, & Dormouse to name a few), where to find them, and what drives their passion for good quality chocolate.

Lastly, CocoaMo was named after my late Mother, Mo.  She started this passion of mine for good quality chocolate. Unfortunately, she passed away before seeing this company I created in her name....I would hope she would be proud.


©2014 by CocoaMo artisan chocolates  Helensburgh's Chocolatier

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Melanie Neil

The Helensburgh chocolatier