MELANIE NEIL  Helensburgh's chocolate artisan

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  • Access and login to a secure members page, to create an account, store payment cards, check on recent orders, look through past orders, meet other members.

  • Receive priority shopping days before the general public, and receive selected discounts.

  • Advance notice on events held or attended by Melanie Neil/CocoaMo.

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HOWEVER, before you click that request button, please read through the requirements below....

1. All new member requests submitted via the website, will be placed on CocoaMo's waiting list.  

2. Initial membership is open to customers who have (a) continually spent in excess of or in the region of £100 per year on either the Limited Edition collections (Spring/Sumer or Winter), and/or the weekly online boutique, (b) have been invited to become a member by Melanie Neil, CEO CocoaMo chocolates© (CocoaMo), (c) continue to be a valued customer since the launch in 2014.

3. Membership will be revoked if you (a) fail to purchase from ONE of CocoaMo's limited edition collections (Spring/Summer or Winter) to the value of £20 on either collection, (b) if you fail to purchase from the weekly online boutique (out with the limited edition collections) to the value of £30 per year.

4. CocoaMo chocolates© reserves the rights to remove any members from the list, and revoke membership, without prior warning or notification if (a) the member fails to qualify as a current member, (b) that their conduct on the CocoaMo member's community page is harmful in any way to other members and CocoaMo chocolates©.

5. Should current members no longer wish to retain their membership, they should use the contact form via the website, using the heading "Ending membership". No explanations are required. Your membership will be terminated, and your email address removed from the promotional mailing list. You can still shop the online boutique at any time it is open.

updated:  30/01/22


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